Invest in Giovanni Canonica

Now you have a unique chance to invest in a rare Barolo, which has achieved a true cult status among wine connoisseurs worldwide.

Investment wine from Canonica

We have just been given access to a modest number of wines, produced by one of our absolute favourites in Barolo. We are talking about the magnificent Canonica vineyard.

Winemaker Giovanni Canonica is a true eccentric and puritan. Among other things, he is known for refusing to export his wine to the United States as long as they have “their disastrous foreign policy”, as he so colourfully puts it. Not afraid to mix emotion with his unique wine art, Canonica produces an immensely modest number of wines annually (some of them reserved for family members). Canonica is puritanical in his craft and a traditionalist to the bone: his wines contain no chemicals (except small dosage sulfur) and are based on age-old traditions of winemaking. The grapes are foot-pressed – indeed, the entire production from start to finish is almost a study in noble winemaking.  

Due to the extremely limited production and the enormous popularity of the wine, it is therefore a challenge, to say the least, to get hold of the sought-after bottles. The few times we have been able to offer something from Canonica, the demand hit like an earthquake. That’s why we are proud, once again, to be able to offer you Canonica’s distinguished wines. In short: here is a favourable opportunity to add Barolo from Canonica to your personal wine portfolio.

Below, you can read more about the wine and why we consider Canonica to be an attractive investment opportunity.

Purity to the last detail

The provocatively minimalistically pencilled labels tell a romantic story of purity. According to “Gianni”, as Giovanni Canonica is popularly known, this branding should be understood as not focusing on the outside, “it is the wine inside the bottle that best represents who we are”. It’s safe to say that when you sip a Canonica Barolo, you can sense the spirit in the bottle.

Jero currently offers the following investment wines from Giovanni Canonica:
  • 18 x Barolo Paiagallo 2019, Kr. 1.210,- pr. fl.
  • 18 x Barolo Grinzane 2019, Kr. 1.075,- pr. fl

Due to a very limited quantity, these wines will be sold to those who are quickest on the trigger.

The investment potential of Giovanni Canonica

With the huge increase in demand for Barolo wines we have another interesting producer from Barolo, this time a find from an undiscovered and producer with unheard of potential. We believe this find is poised to rise to the top of producers from Piedmont at a rocket pace.

Giovanni Canonica has achieved true cult status in Piedmont over the last 3-5 years. His wines are widely recognized as having the same class as the well-known Barolo names such as Mascarellos, Giacomo Conterno, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Cappellano and Roagna. Canonica produces only 10,000 bottles annually, which means that the bottles – even before release – are nearly impossible to get your hands on. Canonica’s wines have long enjoyed prestige and popularity in Japan, which is in fact one of Canonica’s biggest markets. 

In the early days, Gianni sold his unique wines exclusively from the cellar, but after a few years of demand, he has begun selling his wines to distributors around the globe. Canonica’s Barolos are gaining more and more popularity and therefore represent an interesting investment opportunity.

The surge in demand here over the past few years is particularly reflected in the wines, which are most often enjoyed in the finer restaurants. The wines from the 2016 vintage, which we first sold to Jero’s investors in 2020, have already delivered handsome returns of 37% and 21% respectively, and we are therefore very excited to follow the performance of Canonica in the coming years. 

That development, combined with the cherished designations of “cult producer” and “micro-domain,” means we have high hopes for the future of Canonica’s seductive Barolos. We have seen the same trend in Burgundy, where wines with similar characteristics are some of the ones that have risen the most in price.

To put it briefly: we have enormous faith in Gianni’s wines. The potential is truly through the roof! The tendency for small cult producers, making immensely low volumes, are typically the ones that give the greatest return on wine – all this speaks for Giovanni Canonica. We consider Barolo from Canonica, a sound investment opportunity with mid-range risk and a 3-5 year investment horizon.


Canonica – a saga in itself

Giovanni Canonica is a hidden legend in Barolo. Born and matured in Barolo, Gianni is the son of a hard-working family who run a small agriturismo in the heart of the town. It is in this same beating heart that Gianni finds himself in his wine cellar, producing his iconic wines in the shoulder of age-old proud traditions. Overall, around 8,000-10,000 bottles are produced annually.

Gianni’s first harvest was in 1983, which was a tough time for winemakers in the area. At the time, he only sold wine in large quantities at a time, as it was very difficult to reach the then small hamlet of Barolo, which had less than 1000 inhabitants… all without a car.
Despite the town’s limited size, however, its recognition has spread around the world.
Canonica has just 1.5 hectares of vines in the Paiagallo field, which rests idyllically on the hill above Barolo at 3-400 metres above sea level. The only other holders of this mythical vineyard are Marchesi de Gresy and Fontanafredda; neither of these masters bottles a monopoly wine (wine from only one field), and even supplemented by Gianni’s modest share, this means very limited production.
Gianni has also, since 2012, been producing Barolo from yet another minimal area of just 0.7 hectares in the Grinzane Cavour field. The vineyards are planted with Nebbiolo grapes on the plots best suited to Nebbiolo, and with Barbera on the plots that do not harmonise with Nebbiolo.
Canonica’s holdings differ markedly from those of other producers, maintaining the highest possible integrity in vineyard operations.
Everything is as natural as the vineyard’s singing grapes: no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, minimal sulfur throughout the process, maceration in fiberglass tanks for 30-40 days using only natural yeast – everything is hand-pressed without the use of masking agents, then transferred to cement barrels and aged in large Slovenian oak barrels. In Gianni’s own words; “I want a Barolo that has almost made itself.”
Gianni was one of the first in Barolo to change the bill, a true partisan of his time, for which he was ridiculed at the time. But in the 90s, reality met Gianni’s uncompromising vision. As the idea of returning to simpler natural wines took root among the other producers, the first Japanese importers arrived and emptied Gianni’s cellar.
Due to political beliefs, Gianni previously refused to ship his wines to the United States and with the extremely limited production, it was difficult for American critics to gain access to taste and evaluate his wines.
Our allocation is very limited. You will therefore need to be quick if you want to access this investment opportunity in what seems to be a big year for Barolo wines.

Add tradition to your portfolio

Gianni’s coveted Barolo wines are currently with our partner abroad. We expect the rare Barolo to arrive in Denmark within 4 weeks. We take care of all freight, insurance and also offer storage under optimal conditions in central Copenhagen at an annual cost of only 15 DKK per bottle per year.

Since, as mentioned, there are only a limited number of bottles available, the wines are sold to the lucky ones who strike first.

To reserve investment wines from Canonica please order on our platform by clicking here.

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